How it works

Collaboration in construction is challenging.
Miscommunication and a lack of oversight cost money. Improve your process and make communication more fun, fast and organized.

Collaborea is the smart logbook during all phases of your project. In one workflow you inspect the job, communicate with all stakeholders and create tasks and assignments to process alterations. You can find all the information in one place for all involved parties, without them needing any additional software. Collaborea is the missing link for Autodesk Navisworks in issue management.


With Collaborea, collaboration is like a walk in the park!

Put an end to lists, spreadsheets, endless emails, cut-and-paste and countless phone calls.



Significantly increase the quality of design, construction and management.


Finish 90% of your work in 10% of the time.


Give everyone a better overview and insight.




“This is what we need“

“Great initiative!”


Collaborea is affordable and user-friendly



Collaborea training

We train people in Collaborea. This training is for users of Navisworks who want to improve their workflow with Collaborea. You will learn the complete workflow of Collaborea, the smart logbook during your entire construction process.




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